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Credits and Acknowledgements

Author: Marjorie Hunt

Editor: Carla Borden

Designer: Caroline Brownell

Web Design: Visual Dialogue

Web Masters: Stephen Kidd, Peter Seitel, Stephanie Smith

Cultural Research and Education Team: Betty Belanus, Olivia Cadaval, Marjorie Hunt, Diana N'Diaye, Cynthia Vidaurri, Nilda Villalta, Charlie Weber

Intern/Researcher: Jenni Sophia Fuchs

Special thanks to Jenni Fuchs for her valuable assistance and to Peg Koetsch and members of the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage Cultural Research and Education Team — Betty Belanus, Olivia Cadaval, Diana N'Diaye, Cynthia Vidaurri, Nilda Villalta, and Charlie Weber — for their important input and ideas. The author is indebted to Amy Kotkin Warner, Holly Cutting Baker, and Margaret Yocom, whose Family Folklore Interviewing Guide and Questionnaire laid much of the groundwork for this booklet.

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