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Three vertical video stills are placed side by side, from right to left they picture a woman with long dark hair; two boys, one wearing a red shirt and one in glasses; and a smiling man in a baseball cap holding a baby. In front of them, from left to right, are the words,

Roxanne Dool shares her family's language learning journey through her video series, Brody Bear Halqemeylem Word of the Day. Pictured here are stills from the videos, teaching the words for springtime, rabbit, and egg.

Images courtesy of Roxanne Dool

  • New Series of Gatherings for Language Content Creators

    In collaboration with Indigenous language content creators Mosiah Bluecloud and Roxanne Dool, the Center’s Language Vitality Initiative is launching Language Lodge, a series of open online gatherings connecting social media content creators of Indigenous and minoritized languages. Drawing from Bluecloud’s short videos in Kickapoo and Dool’s Halqemeylem Word of the Day, and acknowledging other social media creators celebrating Indigenous and minoritized languages, Language Lodge intends to develop peer relationships through co-creating social media challenges while furthering the visibility of language reclamation work.

    Social media content in Indigenous and minoritized languages is a powerful tool for language growth. Many language teachers use social media platforms to share language information, and learners create content to practice their new skills. Though there are many content creators, it can be difficult for them to connect with other language-focused content creators outside their immediate sphere of influence.

    Language Lodge gatherings are casual conversations mediated and inspired by a host. Each gathering will be hosted by a different content creator who will lead a discussion on their language-based social media topic of choice—such as family language learning, food blogging, or emojis. During the gathering, the host will propose a social media challenge, such as creating a video or meme incorporating elements discussed in the gathering, and invite guests to create new content over the next month.

    Do you create content within your Indigenous or minoritized language? Please joins us and register for the next Language Lodge. Participation is free and open to all adults.

    If you are not a content creator but still want to support Indigenous and minoritized language social media efforts, please follow along and like and share Indigenous or minoritized language content.

    About the Language Vitality Initiative

    With Indigenous and minoritized languages under threat, the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage’s Language Vitality Initiative supports community-driven language reclamation efforts. Our research promotes language use in new and traditional contexts and strengthens engagement in cultural heritage wellness. We work with digital and emerging media to promote unique voices and worldviews. We seek to educate new generations of community language practitioners and linguists through informal and formal workshops and institutes. All our work is used to educate majority-language users about the benefits of living in a multilingual world.

  • Support the Folklife Festival, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, Cultural Vitality Program, educational outreach, and more.