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Borders and Identity: Identidad y Frontera

Identidad y Fronteras: Borders and Identity is a bilingual educational resource based on research and documentation from the 1993 Smithsonian Folklife Festival program and explores culture along the United States-Mexico border. Following publication in 1996, this kit was introduced to teachers and students through a series of workshops, or talleres which took place on both sides of the border in four locations and featured participants from the Festival program. Today, these resources are more relevant than ever, especially in communities grappling with negative impressions of recent immigrant populations. This kit is also an ideal tool for school groups and communities wishing to investigate the borders that mark our place in the world, and our identity within and outside of these borders. This kit was supported through funds from the Meadows Foundation.

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The kit text and photos are available as PDF downloads in several forms: Entire kit (English and Spanish on facing pages); English only; Spanish only; and English and Spanish, broken into individual chapters. The PDFs are accompanied by four videos that correspond to exercises in the text (see links to the right of this page).

If you find these materials useful, or if you have any difficulty downloading or viewing them, please contact us.

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Break-out Exercise: The Identity Card Exercise, available in the introductory portion of the kit, has been used successfully by CFCH educators in many settings. Try it in your classroom!

The following Smithsonian Folkways Recordings complement the Identidad y Fronteras: Borders and Identities kit and include extensive informative liner notes:

Borderlands: From Conjunto to Chicken Scratch
Taquachito Nights: Conjunto Music from South Texas
Heroes and Horses: Corridos from the Arizona Sonora Borderlands
Los Texmaniacs: Borders and Bailes
Los Texmaniacs: Texas Towns, Tex-Mex Sounds

View or download the entire guide as one document
English and Spanish

The guide is divided into chapters for easier access to the materials.

Table of Contents | Preface
Introduction: What Does Borders and Identity Mean?
Part 1: History and Identity
Part 2: Celebrations and Identity
Part 3: Expressive Traditions and Identity
Part 4: Occupations and Identity
Part 5: Borders and Identity in Your Own Community
Appendix: Key Date | Key Words
Appendix: Corrido | Bibliography
Appendix: Video Narration | Reprints

Tabla de Contenidos | Prefacio
Introducción: ¿Qué Significa Identidad y Fronteras?
Parte 1: Historia e Identidad
Parte 2: Celebraciones e Identidad
Parte 3: Arte Popular e Identidad
Parte 4: Trabajo e Identidad
Parte 5: Fronteras e Identidad en Tu Comunidad
Apéndice: Fechas Clave | Palabras Clave
Apéndice: Corrido | Bibliografía
Apéndice: Narración del Video | Reimpresiones

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