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The <i>Will to Adorn</i> app is available for free in the Apple Store.

Everyone is a dress artist. We announce our identities to the world by crafting our everyday personal appearance. With the resources at hand, we “curate” our styles according to the image we have of ourselves, as well as our ideas of how to dress appropriately.

You are a dress artist too. The Smithsonian’s Will to Adorn app is designed to collect your stories about the choices you make every day when you dress for school, work, fun, or special occasions. With this app, anyone can share experiences about personal and community dress styles. After you share your stories, be sure to listen to those recorded by other users.

Help us document the sartorial splendor that exists in the diversity of the American experience. Record your answers to questions about the way you dress!

Download the free app for iOS devices.

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