Maroon Foodways

        The cultures of Maroons today represent a unique combination of African, Native American, and European elements. As each new maroon community was formed, usually by diverse peoples in a wholly unfamiliar environment, the result was a complex and distinctive process of adaptation and survival.

        Consequently, the contemporary foodways of Maroons show considerable variation from one community to the next. In Jamaica  and Suriname, for instance, the foodways display a pronounced African influence. On the other hand, several of the dishes prepared by the Seminole Maroons in Texas and Oklahoma are of Native American derivation. 

The recipes which follow come from four of the Maroon communities participating in the 1992 Festival of American Folklife:

    The Palenqueros of Columbia

    The Aluku, Ndjuka, and Saramaka of French Guiana and Suriname

    The Windward and Leeward Maroons of Jamaica

    The Seminole Maroons of Texas and Mexico


General Foodways Coordinator - James Deutsch
General  Program Coordinators -
Kenneth Bilby and Diana N'Diaye
Maroon Foodways Coordinator - Phyllis Agnelli-Lesansky