Exhibition content and thematic outline

Background Information
    Creativity and Resistance: Maroon Culture in the Americas
        Kenneth Bilby and Diana Baird N'Diaye
    Maroons: Rebel Slaves in the Americas
        Richard Price
    Arts of the Suriname Maroons
        Sally Price
    A Brief Description of the Religion of the Maroons of Suriname and French Guiana
        Thomas Polimé
    Maroon Societies and Creole Languages
        Ian Hancock
    The Political Organization of Maroon Communities in Suriname
        H.R.M. Libretto
    The Role of Women in the Maroon Societies of Suriname and French Guiana
        Thomas Polimé

Maroon Community Voices
    Suriname and French Guiana
        Statement by Gaama Songo, Paramount Chief of the Saramaka People
        Statement by Gaaman Gazon Matodja, Paramount Chief of the Ndjuka (Aukaner) People
        Statement by Gaanman Joachim-Joseph Adochini, Paramount Chief of the Aluku (Boni) People
        The Maroons and Moore Town
            Colonel C. L. Harris
        The Accompong Town Maroons: Past and Present
            Colonel M. L. Wright
    United States and Mexican Border
         Texas Seminole Scouts
            Charles Emily Wilson

Educational Activities for Grades K and Up
    Design a Ndjuka-Style House Front
    Saramaka Cassava Cakes
    Fashion a Patchwork Cape
    Aluku Maroon Storytelling Tradition



Speakers List

Resource Directory

    Maroon Sounds: Educational Audiotape
    Drums of Defiance: Maroon Music from Jamaica, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
    Maroon Foodways
    "Maroons: Escaped Slave Communities (April 1995)" Faces
    Exhibition script