Developed by the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, Smithsonian Institution, in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service.

Exhibition curators: Dr. Diana Baird N’Diaye, Dr. Thomas Polime, and Dr. Ken Bilby; Maroon Community Advisors: Mr. Adiante Franzoon, Suriname, Mr. William Warrior, Seminoles, and Colonel C.L.G. Harris, Jamaica; Dr. Shirley Mock, UT Institute of Texan Cultures at San Antonio; Dr. Kevin Mulroy, Autry Museum of Western Heritage; Dr. Ian Hancock, University of Texas, Austin; National Library of Jamaica; and the Smithsonian Center for Museum Studies.

Other contributors: Ian Hancock, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin; Sally Price, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University; Richard Price, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University; H. M. L. Libretto, District Commissioner of the Sipa Rwini District, Suriname; Shirley Mock, Ph.D., University of Texas Institute of Texan Cultures at San Antonio; Angelica Delfina Sánchez, 1998 intern at SITES; Arianne Fischer, Heidi Gjerset, Linda Guin, Herbert Ruffin III, John Westerman, and Karen Weinstein, interns at the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage; Vivien Chen, Project Director, SITES; Smithsonian Folklife Archives; Smithsonian Center for Museum Studies, Smithsonian Folkways; Cobblestone Publishing Co, Philadelphia, PA

Designed, edited, and produced by the Office of Exhibit Central (OEC), Smithsonian Institution.

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