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string bands
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Bruce Greene, Burnsville, North Carolina, fiddle
—In the 1970s and 1980s, Bruce Greene immersed himself in learning from Kentucky fiddlers. He has since developed his own style. Currently living in Burnsville, North Carolina, Greene has taught the fiddle for many years.
Wayne Henderson, Mouth of Wilson, Virginia, guitar
—Wayne Henderson is a well-known southwestern Virginia guitarist and guitar maker. His guitars are highly sought after; there is a waiting list of many years. One of the finest guitarists in the United States, he was awarded a National Heritage Fellowship.
Will Keys, Gray, Tennessee, banjo
Doug Dorschug, Mountain City, Tennessee, guitar
—A 1996 winner of a National Heritage Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, Will Keys is one of the best old-time banjo players in the country and has toured as a member of the Masters of the Banjo tour. He is accompanied by Doug Dorschug.
Lester and Linda McCumbers, and Jake Krack

Lester McCumbers, Nicut, West Virginia, fiddle
Linda McCumbers, Nicut, West Virginia, guitar
Jake Krack, Orma, West Virginia, fiddle
Kim Johnson, Clendenin, West Virginia, banjo
Dara Krack, Orma, West Virginia, guitar
—Lester and Linda McCumbers and Jake Krack are neighbors. Eighteen-year-old Krack has studied with a number of well-known West Virginia fiddlers including Lester McCumbers. An accomplished player, Jake has been winning many of the fiddle contests he enters of late. Jake's mother, Dara, and Kim Johnson accompany Jake and the McCumbers, respectively.
Don Pedi, Marshall, North Carolina, dulcimer
—Don Pedi is from Madison County, North Carolina. A master dulcimer player and teacher, Don has won many dulcimer championships at fiddle contests.
Doug Rorrer, Eden, North Carolina, guitar
Taylor Rorrer, Eden, North Carolina, guitar
—Doug Rorrer grew up in Eden, North Carolina, and is the grand-nephew of old-time music pioneers Charlie Poole and Posey Rorer. He is a fine flat-picking guitarist and owns Flying Cloud Records with his wife. His son Taylor accompanies him, also on guitar.
Lee Sexton, Cornettsville, Kentucky, banjo/fiddle
—Lee Sexton is one of "Eastern Kentucky's musical treasures." A fine banjo player, he has played old-time music all of his life. He is the winner of the Kentucky Governor's Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts.
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