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ballad singers
Sheila Kay Adams, Marshall, North Carolina, banjo
Jim Taylor, Marshall, North Carolina, guitar

—Sheila Kay Adams, more than anyone else, has been working hard to preserve the ballad tradition in Appalachia. She learned many of her songs from her great-aunt Dellie Chandler Norton. She is a member of the Wallin/Chandler/Norton family, who are known for their ballads. Folk song collector Cecil Sharp collected songs from the family in 1916. She is accompanied by Jim Taylor.

Laura Boosinger, Asheville, North Carolina, banjo

—Laura Boosinger began playing Appalachian music at Warren Wilson College in 1978. In the years since she has been studying the music of traditional folk artists and performs on a variety of instruments.
Ginny Hawker, Cox Mill, West Virginia, vocals
Tracy Schwarz, Cox Mill, West Virginia, fiddle/guitar
—Ginny Hawker grew up singing with her father in southern Virginia, and as a youngster she was influenced by the compelling unaccompanied singing of the Primitive Baptist Church. She and her husband Tracy Schwarz sing powerful songs from the mountains. Schwarz is a long-time member of the New Lost City Ramblers.
Bobby McMillon, Lenoir, North Carolina, guitar
—Bobby McMillon was awarded a North Carolina Folk Heritage Award in 2000. He is a fine ballad singer and storyteller and has appeared previously at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

Randy Wilson, Big Creek, Kentucky, banjo
—Randy Wilson is an all-purpose musician, storyteller, dance caller, and children's entertainer from Clay County, Kentucky.
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