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Latest Updates

Links and comments

The Diversity of Cultural Expressions*(down) website provides information on the latest UNESCO deliberations: "The second session of the meeting of governmental experts on UNESCO's preliminary draft convention on protecting the diversity of cultural contents and artistic expressions."

Professor Ivan Bernier turns the spotlight on this topic in our May 2005 Cultural Diversity Update. We know that during the recent session of the Executive Board, the Director-General of UNESCO submitted the 'consolidated text' of this preliminary draft convention for the information of members, indicating to them that it would serve as a basis for their work, enabling them to proceed with their upcoming deliberations. The analysis of Professor Ivan Bernier is currently available in French on the above website. English and Spanish translations will be added shortly.

Comments by the INCD
The International Network for Cultural Diversity (INCD) has made recommendations on aspects of the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity (CCD) that discuss the relationship of the CCD to other instruments.

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